What Is An Event Planner?

20 Jan

If you're not familiar with organising, hosting or perhaps attending corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, awards and the like then your first thought when you hear the word "event planner" is likely something along the lines of a party planner. To a certain extent, you would be correct, but there's much more to it than simply arranging a celebration.

Event planning is a critical profession and requires a specific skill set. The broad selection of occasions an event planner needs to address throughout the duration of her or his livelihood ensures they can't merely be tagged a "party planner".

The last effect of an event planner's job is frequently a fantastic celebration or occasion, but they must concentrate on the intention of the occasion and make sure that goal is accomplished. That is exactly what sets them apart from somebody who only organises a celebration. There needs to be a goal and it needs to be accomplished through careful preparation and attention to the occasion itself is a waste of time.

Corporate events may have different aims (media ) to awards dinners (staff morale), which then is going to have a different target to a exhibition (lead generation). A really excellent event planner will understand the difference and operate accordingly.

Some businesses are going to have an internal event organizing group or will abandon it to their advertising department, while some are going to engage in an professional event planning firm, of that there are numerous, with their own specialiaties.

Event planners work hours so as to be certain every tiny detail has been taken care to get an assortment of unique events, such as conferences, seminars, trade shows, executive retreats, incentive programs, golf events, conferences, and much more.

Successful event partners will: 

Have excellent verbal and written communication

Have excellent organisational and time management skills

Be able to handle a project from Begin to finish

Be able to multitask

Be able to work independently and in a group as needed

Be computer literate, with good database management skills

Focus on the details and work on tight deadlines

Remain calm under stress

Be able to negotiate with places, caterers and all of the services demanded

Be able to Handle budgets

Have great people skills, able to Handle employees

Have powerful marketing and PR skills

Be able to Handle relationships with all levels of management and staff

Besides the aforementioned skills and skills, a Really Fantastic event planner will possess extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to: 






Conference Services

Additionally, they'll also have a record of additional service providers such as light, audio, electricians and a slew of others!

Whatever event you are planning, you need to enlist the abilities of a fantastic event planner to make sure it goes smoothly. Since they'll concentrate on each of the organisational requirements, down to every small detail, and will constantly keep in mind the objective of the occasion, it leaves you free to ensure those you invite are well cared for and leave your event with precisely the ideal impression of you and your small business.

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